The Piave, the Mort Lagoon and the Reclamation lands

Loop route of about 40 km, Jesolo and Eraclea. Going up the mouth of the Piave River, we enter the countryside of Jesolo and Eraclea, lands that were the protagonists of important projects: the first ones were started by the Serenissima with the diversion of the rivers; the last ones with the works of the Great Reclamation between the 19th and the 20th century. These very fertile lands extend up to two metres below sea level and are characterised not only by orchards, vineyards and walnut groves, but also by an important rice paddy field. These territories also witnessed the battles of the Piave River during World War II, and formed the Italian line of defence after the defeat at Caporetto in 1917. Andrea Bafile, who received a Gold Medal for Military Valour, died along the riverbank in Cortellazzo, in honour of which Jesolo has dedicated the city's most famous street.Behind the mouth of the river lies the Mort Lagoon, formed by an overflow of the Piave River, a wetland of considerable environmental and faunal interest, a stopping place for many migratory birds. At Eraclea Mare you will stop in a farmhouse for a little refreshment with local specialities.

Route: medium difficulty (40% gravel road, 60% asphalt) by e-bike
Departure: 9.00 a.m. in Jesolo, Piazza Tommaseo c/o Travel Agency Ridente
Return: 12.00 noon/12.30 p.m. in Jesolo
Day: Wednesdays
Guide service: FCI-certified cycling guides of the area
Services included: certified guide assistance, e-bike rental, small refreshment in a farmhouse
Price per person: euro 69,00