Adria Bikes Hotel-ABH offers pleasant guided cycling tours to discover nature, the traditions, the food and the wine of the most enjoyable places in the High Adriatic area.

We will be happy to advise you on the most beautiful and exciting itineraries in the territory.

We are able to provide suggestions and share information on hidden gems that you will not find on any other map.

We look forward to welcoming you on your bike and to give you emotions and memories that will stay in your heart forever......

During a cycling holiday in the Eastern part of Veneto, both the cycling tourist and the professional cyclist will be able to choose from a number of itineraries along the Adriatic coast, in the Venetian lagoon (a UNESCO Heritage site) or inland, up to the province of Treviso, famous for its renowned Prosecco hills. You will benefit from an amazing variety of routes, ideal for cyclists of all levels – from beginner to the most expert – and from a wide range of dedicated services provided by the ABH affiliated properties.

Select your favourite ABH itinerary for your active cycling holiday and download the ABH© map with the detailed route.

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21,4 km facile
bike racing, cycling, e bike, mountain bike
23,6 Km difficile
mountain bike
29 km medio
cycling, mountain bike
BIM 17 Km + Variante A (18Km) - B (23Km) - C (10Km) medio
mountain bike
38 km facile
cycling, mountain bike
36 Km + 24 Km Variante A - B - C - D facile
bike racing, mountain bike
27km facile
bike racing, cycling, e bike, mountain bike