BIKE&BOAT in Venice Lagoon


Across the lagoon by bike, with the CA 'BALLARIN boat <> LIO MAJOR <> LIO SMALL

The boat

The "pontoon boat" is a light and maneuverable boat that allows access even in areas with very shallow water as it guarantees a very low draft due to the circular section of the hulls. It is an environmentally friendly vehicle that does not produce wave motion thanks to the extremely reduced development of wave in navigation.

The trip can be not only by bicycle: with the boat service you can cross the lagoon with your bike . You will be able to travel along the inland coasts of Cavallino, one of the most important seaside resorts in Italy, with almost six million tourist presences a year. Cavallino has in fact maintained its natural and landscape characteristics; consequently, its strong point is outdoor tourism.

Once you have passed Cavallino you will arrive in Lio Maggiore, a town in the Municipality of Jesolo. It is located at the end of a narrow strip of land which, starting just north of Jesolo town, extends southwest into the salt marsh of the Venice Lagoon. As a last stop we land in Lio Piccolo which is part of the municipality of Cavallino. It is a set of islets separated by narrow channels, the surrounding landscape is characterized by the presence of vegetable gardens where, among other things, the notes castraùre and zizołe (jujubes) are cultivated, with some isolated casone, interspersed with canals, areas of sandbanks and fishing valleys.

It is designed for those who want to visit and get to know the Venice lagoon even in its wildest and most unspoiled part with its sandbanks, its flora and fauna.

Upon reservation for groups, excursions or trips with unscheduled times are also available. For info call Blue Dream Excursion cell. +39 324 8004325




Ca' Ballarin  

Lio Maggiore
Lio Piccolo





Lio Piccolo

Lio Maggiore
Ca' Ballarin




Ca 'Ballarin ->- Lio Maggiore ->- Lio piccolo (one way) € 10.00
Children up to 12 years € 7.00
Ca 'Ballarin -> - Lio Maggiore -> - Lio piccolo (round trip) € 15.00
Children up to 12 years € 10.00
Ca 'Ballarin -> Lio Piccolo (one way) € 12.00
Children up to 12 years € 8.00
> Ca 'Ballarin -> Lio Piccolo (round trip) € 18.00
Children up to 12 years € 12.00


BLUEDREAM Eco-friendly boat service that transports cyclists and bicycles.
Cavallino / Ca 'Ballarin - Lio Maggiore - Lio Piccolo and back.
From Thursday to Sunday. RESERVATION REQUIRED
Tel +39 324 8004325 or
ALBATROS Boat tours for cyclists and bicycles, to discover the island of Sant’Erasmo by bike.
Treporti - Sant’Erasmo - San Francesco - Treporti (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday)
Treporti - Lido di Venezia (Every day, min. 10 people)
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